A Little Inspiration

Greetings everyone. Last time I updated this blog, it was the eve of 2017 and I had just completed one of my most difficult semesters of school. Now, it's a quarter through 2017 (time is literally flying by) and I wanted to write a little post about inspiration. 
As many of you know, I am an aspiring everything. I aspire to become an Astronaut, an Engineer, a good person, a filmmaker, this list can go on and on. However, I do have things that I work towards more, which are based on my priorities and personal goals in life. A lot of use grow up in this world, cocooned in whatever city, state, country, continent we are in but thankfully, through science and dreaming, I was able to see past this normality of life. If any of you know me personally, you know I can be a pretty interesting person to speak with. Conversations can be heated (in a good way) and last for hours about crazy ideas and concepts of how this incredibly chaotic place works. Whether I am talking about the inner-work…

Happy New Years!

Hi there. It's been a while, hasn't it. I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy New Years. I hope 2016 has been prosperous and I wish you an even more prosperous 2017. This past year, 365 days, or one revolution around our star of life, has been one wonderful experience. The reason why it was is the people who were in it. From my family, to my coworkers, fellow students, researchers, scientists, engineers, and the occasional Astronaut (including a moonwalker). Without all of them, 2016 would of been a non-eventful year.

From my adventures in school to my adventures working at Lockheed Martin, I am thankful for everything. I know that without the support of my family, friends, and just fellow people on this great Planet, I wouldn't of been able to accomplish any of it.

2017 is going to be one heck of a year for me. It will be filled with new adventures, new people, and new excitement. I'll hopefully update this blog more often because the year will be filled…

Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Tesla & Updates 5/27/16

Hello everyone! I just renewed my domain and hosting for this site... good thing I haven't forgotten about it. So it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. Well, due to sleep deprivation and insomnia, I have finally found a moment to sit at my desk and whip up a post.

So the past 5 months have been an extreme whirlwind for me. I finished up my 3rd to last semester of school, I taught a 3 week accelerated course of Aerodynamics, and now I find myself preparing for a life altering experience. Let's first talk about Lockheed Martin!

Lockheed Martin 
So some of you may have seen my news about accepting a position at Lockheed Martin. Well, the day is fast approaching, my official start date is May 31st! I can't quite disclose my official role there... Just know I'm doing something I love but which is also crazy cool. (I really can't wait!) I'll update you all time permitting, though unfortunately I cannot speak about the nature of my work due to the who…



So as promised, I'm giving everyone an update since the last time we 'spoke'. The last post I made was on the Falcon 9 landing on a drone ship, before then, the Falcon 9 landing on land. So it's actually been a long time.

So things have been going at warp speed. I can't believe it's already mid-April. My spring semester has been absolutely brutal. Definitely the most difficult semester of college I've ever had, however, the end is near. Actually, finals are less than two weeks away which is terrifying and exciting at the same time. While the time for the past 4 months has been spent primarily on school, I have been working towards a few other things and I've sort of made it public a couple weeks ago, but I think it is time to announce it.

This summer, I've accepted a position at Lockheed Martin to work on the JSF F-35 project. I cannot disclose my full position due to its ties with the military though just know its incredibly exciting for m…

The key to Space Sustainability

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a huge gap since the last time I updated this thing. Life has been pretty hectic and there's quite a lot to share, but my personal stuff can wait because yet again, innovation has struck and the world is becoming a better place as a result.

I'm going to try to keep this post manageable but obviously you all know (YOU SHOULD KNOW) that SpaceX landed Falcon 9 v1.2 on a drone ship this afternoon. It's the second overall landing of a Falcon 9, however, it's the first landing on a drone. SpaceX has tried numerous times to land on a drone ship and all have ended spectacularly in a ball of fire... But with failure comes success. You see, engineers don't give up. Even though we may attempt to do the impossible, one of these times we'll figure out a way and this afternoon, the incredible launch operations and recovery team at SpaceX proved to all of us their true capabilities.

Now, to talk a little about sustainability. You and I know…

My non-stop ride is about to depart

We are already nearly a month in to our New Year! Time has literally been moving at warp speed and this year is extremely exciting for me because its officially the year everything becomes a reality for me. For the past three years, I've been working hard towards my degree in Aerospace Engineering. It hasn't been an easy road but one I wouldn't trade for anything.

Many of you are probably familiar with my life on YouTube. I make tech videos for PhoneDog and most of you think that is my 9-5, Monday thru Friday routine. However, 2016 will be my last full year working on YouTube. As I edge closer to graduation, I also edge closer leaving this industry for something that truly excites me, Aerospace. I have a plan and that plan has been set in motion already, however, I do not think I'll share it just yet. 
However, I do not want any of you to feel saddened by it. While I absolutely love what I do now, you must understand that I value education above everything else. The in…

Wishing a Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas festivities have/are going well! I wanted to just share this post before I get too caught up with the holidays and my upcoming CES trip in January. Firstly, I want to wish everyone a happy holidays! Secondly, I want to express how thankful I am to have the support of each one of you. Whether you were a supporter of my content on YouTube for the few years or if you are an aerospace enthusiast, thank you for being here.

While Christmas is a season to give and receive and be with our loved ones, I want to say thank you for the ultimate gift I have received. It wasn't one I found underneath a tree, its one that I've been getting for a while now! It's YOUR support for my life goals. Thank you to each and every one of you who believe in me and keep encouraging me to do great things. I promise you that I will give it my all to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. It will be a long road for sure but I intend to stay on this road until I…