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Hello everyone,

Chances are you know who I am. Most likely from my activities on YouTube on the popular channel PhoneDog. Some of you also may know that I'm a full time student. If you really do follow me, you probably know I'm a student studying Physics and Aerospace Engineering, plus I am a Pilot.

Now why in the world do you need to know about this? Well, look at the domain. AstroMarco.com. It's a foreshadowing of what I believe my future holds. I'm a space geek. I love all things aerospace (more specifically, astronautics). My dreams are greater than the bounds of this Earth and I wanted to find an outlet to share my daily experiences. I go to school everyday, I learn new things everyday, and I have a long road ahead of me in order to achieve my dreams of becoming an astronaut.

My primary goal is to share my experiences with everyone. I also want to advocate for people, young and old, to be interested in space travel again. I want to remove the word 'impossible' out of our modern day dictionaries. Anything and everything is possible.

Before I go on for ages here, I should end this. Until next time.

- Marco


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