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My near 'crash' experience

Last Saturday, I was flying a Cessna 172, a typical high-wing aircraft for VFR pilots. I was flying into an airport called 'M54', a small one asphalt local airport that's about 30 miles East of Nashville. It was a beautiful day too. Winds were calm and variable, no clouds in sight, etc. Perhaps the only downside was the temperature, a toasty 95 degrees.

As a pilot, I like to keep my skills sharp when I'm not flying family or friends. We do these repeated landings called 'Touch & Go's". It's literally coming in for a landing, touching down, then blast back off again into the sky. A fairly routine procedure for any pilot.

Now on my 11th touch and go, I just had my main gear (the two main wheels towards the center of the plane) touch down and I was slowly letting the nose gear come down to touch down. The second that tire touched the surface of the asphalt, I felt a sudden and violent rattle, then the whole cockpit starting shaking including the rudde…