Wishing a Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas festivities have/are going well! I wanted to just share this post before I get too caught up with the holidays and my upcoming CES trip in January. Firstly, I want to wish everyone a happy holidays! Secondly, I want to express how thankful I am to have the support of each one of you. Whether you were a supporter of my content on YouTube for the few years or if you are an aerospace enthusiast, thank you for being here.

While Christmas is a season to give and receive and be with our loved ones, I want to say thank you for the ultimate gift I have received. It wasn't one I found underneath a tree, its one that I've been getting for a while now! It's YOUR support for my life goals. Thank you to each and every one of you who believe in me and keep encouraging me to do great things. I promise you that I will give it my all to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. It will be a long road for sure but I intend to stay on this road until I get to that destination. Right now, its about 100,000 miles away. But soon enough, that distance will have to come down to just a few meters and I'll cross the finish line.

I want to share something with all of you. It's a dream actually. It's a dream that I've had for quite some time and oddly enough, I had this dream last night. The dream is as vivid as real life. It starts out in a white room where I get suited in my space suit. Then I walk my way across the bridge and onto the jetway that is connected to the Space Shuttle. Next thing I know, I'm inside, looking outside the window, laying flat on my back. I hear all the communications between Houston, Launch Control, and the crew aboard. It's the most exciting time because I see the timer count closer to 0. However, I've never slept past a few minutes left in the countdown. I suppose my imagination can only carry me so far, having never been strapped onto the top side of a rocket before. Though, I feel that one of these days, not on a Space Shuttle, I'll get to wake up one day, get suited, board a rocket, and experience that launch, but hopefully in real life.

It's sort of goofy to describe dreams at my age but its one I'm proud to have reoccurring. Hopefully one of these days I can dream my way through the 9-minute ride into orbit. But for now, I will take it step by step.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful new year! See you all in 2016!

- Marco


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