My non-stop ride is about to depart

We are already nearly a month in to our New Year! Time has literally been moving at warp speed and this year is extremely exciting for me because its officially the year everything becomes a reality for me. For the past three years, I've been working hard towards my degree in Aerospace Engineering. It hasn't been an easy road but one I wouldn't trade for anything.

Many of you are probably familiar with my life on YouTube. I make tech videos for PhoneDog and most of you think that is my 9-5, Monday thru Friday routine. However, 2016 will be my last full year working on YouTube. As I edge closer to graduation, I also edge closer leaving this industry for something that truly excites me, Aerospace. I have a plan and that plan has been set in motion already, however, I do not think I'll share it just yet. 

However, I do not want any of you to feel saddened by it. While I absolutely love what I do now, you must understand that I value education above everything else. The invaluable thing called knowledge is what makes us humans so interesting and daring. My dreams are extremely ambitious. If I were to play a game of chance, I probably won't end up in space. However, I don't play games of chance. I make little steps, bringing me closer to my ultimate dream. These steps are called goals and I have set enough of them between now and then, that I feel like I can do it. Once I got them set, I was off and going and there is no stopping me. Regardless of what I will achieve, I know I'll be extremely happy because my goals have me doing things that still excite me. One of those goals was becoming a pilot, and now with a year of being a licensed pilot in the bag, I'm still incredibly happy.

So while 2016 may be my last full year of being a YouTube personality, its not the end of the road for me (I hope!). I may not be quite as active on social media but I'll still be around, aiming to educate people and get people engaged with field within STEM. I may be an Aerospace Engineer but all aspects of STEM excite me. This summer, I may be participating in research in Earth Sciences with NASA, or perhaps I'll be working with aircraft and executing flight test programs on jet fighters. Which ever I do this summer, its something I want to share, well, that's if I am allowed to do so!

Apologies for the slightly rambling post here. If I have a story to tell, it will be better but this is just a pure ramble post!

- Marco 


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