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A Little Inspiration

Greetings everyone. Last time I updated this blog, it was the eve of 2017 and I had just completed one of my most difficult semesters of school. Now, it's a quarter through 2017 (time is literally flying by) and I wanted to write a little post about inspiration. 
As many of you know, I am an aspiring everything. I aspire to become an Astronaut, an Engineer, a good person, a filmmaker, this list can go on and on. However, I do have things that I work towards more, which are based on my priorities and personal goals in life. A lot of use grow up in this world, cocooned in whatever city, state, country, continent we are in but thankfully, through science and dreaming, I was able to see past this normality of life. If any of you know me personally, you know I can be a pretty interesting person to speak with. Conversations can be heated (in a good way) and last for hours about crazy ideas and concepts of how this incredibly chaotic place works. Whether I am talking about the inner-work…