A Little Inspiration

Greetings everyone. Last time I updated this blog, it was the eve of 2017 and I had just completed one of my most difficult semesters of school. Now, it's a quarter through 2017 (time is literally flying by) and I wanted to write a little post about inspiration. 

As many of you know, I am an aspiring everything. I aspire to become an Astronaut, an Engineer, a good person, a filmmaker, this list can go on and on. However, I do have things that I work towards more, which are based on my priorities and personal goals in life. A lot of use grow up in this world, cocooned in whatever city, state, country, continent we are in but thankfully, through science and dreaming, I was able to see past this normality of life. If any of you know me personally, you know I can be a pretty interesting person to speak with. Conversations can be heated (in a good way) and last for hours about crazy ideas and concepts of how this incredibly chaotic place works. Whether I am talking about the inner-workings of a jet turbine, rocket engines, or the laws of physics that govern our existence. Though it's that inner fire that keeps me going. 

Now, I may have found what made me who I am, though, rocket science and physics may not be for everyone. It takes a certain kind of "insane" person to do it. The moral to this whole thing is, finding the fire, the internal drive, the passion is the single most important thing to any one of us. While people may say they owe their success to the people around them, which in some cases is true, I see it slightly differently. Finding something you are completely invested in to should be the basis of your success. After all, you are the one who will put in the work. You are the one that has to tell yourself its not time to quit. I love my family and my friends around me but in complete honesty, the reason why I am here doing what I am doing is because the fire inside of me was sparked long ago. 

That doesn't mean that flame may not die down a little. I can assure you that it does and at times it becomes an absolute struggle to push through. All of those endless nights of studying, researching, working to prepare myself for the next exam, all of it can cause tremendous stress that begins to extinguish the flame. But that's when you need to take a breather, step away and realize what you are really working for. For me, I look up, imagine the possibilities of worlds beyond our own. Realizing that our place in the Universe isn't bonded to the soil beneath of our feet. We, as a species, are intellectual, driven, curious, and we have the means and reasoning to question everything. 

Look at any kind of order in our world. Every so often, there comes a person or persons who begin to question order. While some of it turned to war and chaos, in the science community we use that as an idea to begin another adventure. 

This whole post can be molded to any one industry. Whether it's been well covered or something completely new, being a disrupter is what drives us forward. Obviously I will always be biased toward STEM fields and those with the spark should certainly consider space exploration due to its extraordinary reach, but that's a post of future. 

Hope you enjoyed the post, apologies for not posting frequently! If anyone has any questions or would like to chat with me about anything STEM, feel free to email me at marcohanna94@gmail.com. 

AND remember. Disrupt. Question. Be curious. Be courageous. 

- Marco 


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